About Us

About Us

by alex

Our Journey

Copy express began providing quality services in 2002. We have been an exclusive supplier for Toshiba and Brother since 2003. Since then we have provided solutions to local businesses to help them better organise their documents and efficiently distribute information internally or externally.

We have long been providers of photocopier-related services in Vanuatu, and continue to provide solutions to businesses big or small. If you need a new copier or want some information regarding our products, look no further than Copy Express.

A photocopier supplied by our experienced team will create an atmosphere of order and functionality for your business. If you are looking for an upgrade or a way to ensure that all the information you produce gets distributed in the most expeditious means, Copy Express is your answer.

Copy Express Vanuatu Location


The primary focus of Copy Express Vanuatu is providing efficiency-driven business solutions for the highest Return on Investments (ROI), increased business function, IT advancement and sustainability, Office Automation, Data storage, Data migration and Conversion. Our services also strive to help you produce documents of the highest quality, as well as provide after sales support service, Research and Development and IT Training for Government or Semi Government or Private Companies – you can satisfy all of these demands in your business by choosing us to be your service provider. Let us supply you with the best-suited brand new copier from our long line of copiers now.

Today, Copy Express Vanuatu is one of the key players in the office Automation business right here in Vanuatu. We not only provide total office solutions but also offer a variety after sales and services for the full range of products it sells. We believe that our qualified management personnel can make the effective policies which others cannot even measure.

Why Copy Express?

We focus on cooperation. Our team of experienced copier experts can help you make a decision that is perfect for your application. Providing premier products and advice, we aim to help our clients in Vanuatu increase their efficiency and organisation through data management and document organisation.

We focus on customer satisfaction, friendly advice and when you need us, we are there! All you need to do is call.

With years of experience, we know copiers. Not only do we provide a printing service aimed at helping your business distribute information, but we specialise in delivering leading products. We can provide you with all of the data and specifications you require to help you select a copier that is suited for your specific needs. If you are looking for more information about Toshiba and Brother copiers, and how they can help your business, we can help. Contact Copy Express Vanuatu today!